Sen Warren Suggests Climate May Pose A Bigger Challenge Than WWII or Moon Landing


Sen Elizabeth Warren suggested to attendees at a Detroit campaign even that the “environmental catastrophe bearing down on us may be the biggest challenge yet” after citing life changing events like World War II and the moon landing. Unproven junk science CREATED by hard leaning Leftists, who cannot get their stories straight since the 70’s, is more of threat to mankind than fascists hell-bent on world domination who were directly responsible for the death of millions!?

The title of this video should really be DEMOCRATS/ PROGRESSIVES pose a bigger threat to mankind than China, Russia, ISIS, or an invasion from extraterrestrials!

Warren and her ilk that push this climate change nonsense are no different from the flat-Earthers 400+ years ago. The Earth heats up and cools down for a multitude of reasons, one quite large one being the SUN! They want people to accept man has more power to change the planets climate in less than 100 years of industrialization vs the countless meteors, asteroids, plagues and viruses that it has endured for millions of years! Industrialization that has been more efficient and cleaner than any other time since the 18th c.