Dem Senator Says Electoral College ‘Diminishes the Legitimacy of Our President’

Add Dem Sen Jeff Merkley to the growing list of democrats who are calling to abolish the Electoral College. They talk about people’s voices being heard via the ballot as they wrongly call the US a democracy. The very reason we have the EC is to ensure Americans in middle America have a say in the election, otherwise the major cities on both coasts will decide the entire nations future. Many have contended 6 states (New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, California and Texas) could literally decide an election, while genius in its conception mob rule exists at the state level.

In the rarest form democracy = mob rule. A Republic, which is the system of govt we live under, = rule of law.

Democrats WANT MOB RULE, and before we go further let’s be clear they NEVER EVER called to abolish the EC in 2012,2008,1996,1992,1976, 1964, 1960… ya know when democrat presidential candidates won.

All of this nonsense, like everything else going on (border battle) is because the democrat party cannot get over losing the 2016 election. Frankly they’re so butthurt over Felonious Van Pantsuit losing they want to change the rules, and allow ANYONE (criminals to illegals) to vote. Dems can’t win fair and square; they’re like the little SOB”s on playground who change the rules in the middle of the game because they’re losing! That’s right, democrats act like children when they don’t get their way.

They want the people to have a voice in the election…. the people who agree with their agenda. Those of us who are for freedom and the rule of law stand in their way, thus why they’re desperate for power to change the laws to in fact fundamentally transform the United States of America as their messiah, obama, promised 11 yrs ago!

Everyone needs to heed Lindsey Grahams warning during the Kavanaugh hearing.