Clapper: Obama Ordered Russian Probe


James Clapper, obama’s fmr Dir of Nat’l Intel, knows what’s coming down the road now that the Russian collusion/ silent coup has failed. Admit it, we all sit around wondering who will be the first to roll, and low and behold Clapper is our rat!!

After the release of the Mueller Report and AG Barr’s summary Clapper told CNN’s Anderson Cooper, last Monday, fmr pres obama ordered the Russian interference probe which morphed into the witch hunt against Donald Trump.

obama put a good show on telling Putin to knock it off, but in reality the video of him telling Medvedev he’ll have more flexibility after the 2012 election tells us it was just a show. The real collusion, conspiracy to steal an election was committed by the obama regime, Clinton’s, media and dem pundits. They have all the motive in the world to stop Trump, from BHO protecting his “legacy” and Hillary trying to cover her tracks with Uranium One for starters. There is NO WAY obama did not know what was going on. It’s not coincidence that the 3 people named, Brennan, Clapper and Comey, are the same 3 who played a direct role in everything we’ve seen unfold for over 2 years.

obama should be under investigation but that will NEVER happen. It’s clear the rats will jump ship but one of them is prepared to lay on their sword to protect the messiah and Felonia von Pantsuit.