DNC Chair Says Anyone Who Supports Trump is a Coward


Democrats are beyond desperate the closer we get to 2020 election. Their attempt to sabotage Trump’s candidacy, nomination, win and Presidency have spectacularly failed. From day and to this very minute they are attacking his supporters physically and verbally. But now it’s becoming quite pathetic.

Here we have DNC Chair, and fmr obama regime Secretary of Labor, Tom Perez resorting to name calling and guilt tripping!

Trump has done nothing wrong to make supporters turn from him. Unlike majority in govt, and goofballs on tv like Perez, he honors his word. Those who were Cruz supporters til the last minute would be the first ones to call POTUS out if he did anything wrong. Calling us all cowards and we will be judged harshly is laughable.

The REAL cowards are those who attempted a soft coup against Trump, and those who can’t accept he did nothing wrong per the Mueller Reports continuing their calls of collusion, “he’s a Russian asset” and obstructed justice.

Call us cowards all day long, at least we’re not pathetic and weak!