Trump Threatens to Close Southern Border: I’m Not Playing Games

Congress is absolutely useless with the poor immigration laws they’ve created. BOTH parties are responsible for the mess this country is in Pres Trump rightly blamed speaking with the press making it clear he is ‘not playing games’…


Democrats DO NOT want the border secured as they view illegal aliens as their new pool of voters. They also REFUSE to work with republicants because they’re too busy putting Cloward-Piven’s tactics (overwhelm the system to collapse it) to work. The Border Patrol is overwhelmed with illegals entering the US, they have nowhere to hold them (dems and the media of course weaponize against the admin) and allowing illegals to go free until their immigration hearing in the country will be disastrous. Far too many illegals are here as it is, diseases long gone are making a come back, far too many criminals are hiding within groups infiltrating the border etc.

The republicants are afraid to take any action because they’re demonized by the dems as racists and bigots, and let’s be honest the Chamber of Commerce (which is pro-illegal immigration) has them by the balls for the almighty dollar.

But there is a much larger problem than these two parties…. Mexico.

The Mexicans have the toughest immigration laws in the world yet they are willfully allowing their border to be breached, because said invaders from Central and South America, and parts unknown, are headed to the US. Mexico is NOT America’s friend, they’re complicit with foreigners invading/ VIOLATING the United States’ sovereignty.

What is Pres Trump supposed to do? Congress is more or less useless, if anything interfering with existing law from being enforced. Mexico is complicit with the democrats plan to destroy the US as we know it. Any action POTUS takes is deemed racist and bigoted, or radicals say it’s un-American and illegal. So long as Trump is invoking powers granted to him via laws on the books, the people will support him in any unilateral action he takes to protect America!