Obama’s DHS Secretary Warns Southern Border is “Truly in a Crisis”


Obama’s DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and addressed the current state of the southern border. This former obama regime official delivered some tough love (aka the truth) that the southern border is “truly in a crisis” where this network and the very hosts he’s speaking with have been saying the opposite. Week after week they defend illegal aliens crossing the border, turn a blind eye to the drugs and weapons coming across, while they condemn the President and his supporters for simply wanting to secure the nation.

So one has to ask, is Johnson a liar, or better yet a racist for saying there is a crisis on the border since the left thinks otherwise!?

Why are democrats denying the crisis on the border? Don’t answer because it’s clear why. They are utilizing radical leftist strategy created by Cloward and Piven to overwhelm the system (USA), cause a collapse so they can rebuild it their way. Democrats are blatantly turning a blind eye to the invasion on the border because they want illegals in the US. Why? Because illegals are counted in the census the same as US citizens for redistricting which always leans in favor of democrats. That’s how they “vote”, by their very presence!