Holder: America Was Never Great


Eric Holder is doing his best (lousy) obama impersonation going around the democrat party’s propaganda networks spewing anti-American sentiment. America was never great!? Really Eric? Then who is responsible for all the medical, technological and scientific advances in the last 120ish years? He’s hung on identity politics, focusing on race and bigotry because that’s all these radicals have. But for the record it was his party, the democrat party who is most responsible for all the bad things he, his old boss and co like to whine about.

This guy said he’s not running for POTUS in 2020, so what purpose could he possibly have going around trashing the country?? His objective is like that of obama and all radical leftists, divide the nation, insert identity politics with the hopes it will encourage voters to vote for democrats/ socialists in the next election.

Make no mistake about it this man, his former boss, and all their minions HATE this country. Fact they have risen to prominence in America and would never have same opportunities anywhere else around the world is irrelevant to them. They got the money and want the power and once they get it they” make sure NO ONE else can ever have the same success.