Border Patrol Anticipates Apprehending 1 MILLION Illegal Aliens in 2019


In March alone the Border Patrol expects to apprehend 100,000 illegal aliens, enough to fill a sports stadium. By years end that number could well be the equivalent of 12 stadiums or those in the political world an entire voting district every year!

Anyone who says there is not a crisis on the southern border is not only lying but complicit with the systematic destruction of the USA. We cannot handle the influx of uneducated, unskilled “migrants”, as dems like to put it. These people take from the system and do not give back, plus they REFUSE to assimilate to American culture. Yes, we blame Congress, Sanctuary Cities/States for this mess, but also those companies (incl Chamber of Commerce) who are magnets for illegal aliens. “Pres 1 for English”, signage and documents in other languages are a problem and indicators of businesses and govt entities in fact assimilating to foreign invaders!

The border wall must be built, and NO progressives we do not need “comprehensive immigration reform”. We simply need the laws on the books enforced, like 8 U.S.C. § 1324a 9 – Unlawful Employment of Aliens which clearly states it’s a FEDERAL FELONY to hire illegal aliens.