Eric Holder: The Electoral College Is ‘a Defect in Our Democracy’


Eric Holder is your typical run of the mill radical leftist who hates the US calling it a democracy when he damn well knows the US is a Republic. The very purpose of the Electoral College is NOT ‘a defect in our democracy’, it prevents what democracies produce – MOB RULE.

Holder’s statement is garbage based on lies to mislead the uninformed and uneducated to fulfill his messiah’s [obama] dream of fundamental transformation of the USA. Holder and democrats of like minds should leave the US asap since it’s so terrible here. We’re not changing the fundamental structure of this REPUBLIC because he and his shit party can’t get over losing an election, who now want to change the rules to win in the future.

If the electoral college was not in place a handful of states would literally decide elections for the entire nation. Do you want New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, California or even Texas deciding who the next President is? If democrats and all the snowflakes, jumping on the bandwagon to eliminate the EC were to get their way that is exactly what will happen!

The US is a constitutionally limited representative democratic republic not a democracy. We do not decide our election by direct democracy (popular vote aka mob rule) as other nations. The electoral college allows the smaller states/ populations to have a voice, otherwise New York, California, Florida etc will be the only states a presidential candidate will have to campaign in. Mob rule is stopped in its tracks, which is why the US govt is the oldest govt in the world!

Holder and the democrats want to destroy the US as we know it, hell we probably wouldn’t be called the United States after they get done with us. The left knows they cannot take this country over unless they can manipulate elections like they did in California. Democrats have such a strong hold in CA and the way the election rules are so insanely set up the top two primary candidates ended up on the Nov 8th 2016 ballot, when Sen Barbara Boxer stepped down and her Senate seat was up for grabs…

Both candidates for her Senate seat in the general election voters got to choose from were democrats! The same happened in 2018 when Sen Feinstein was up for re-election and was running against MONSTER CA State Rep Kevin De Leon.

So if you want to abolish the electoral college by all means go for it, just understand you will eventually have no choice when one party is running the entire show.