Chicago PD Supt & Mayor Irate Smollett Walks Over “Position of Influence and Power”


“This is without a doubt a whitewash of justice, and sends a clear message that if you’re in a position of influence and power, you’ll get treated one way, other people will be treated another way. There is no accountability in the system, it is wrong, full stop.” ~ Chicago Mayor Emanuel

Jussie Smollett was cut loose today, having all charges dropped, his record expunged and the case sealed, after the hoax he tried to pull off blaming Trump supporters for racially driven attack. The evidence in the hands of the public is overwhelming, God only knows what Chicago PD was sitting on seeing that the Grand Jury indicted Smollett on a “sliver of evidence” collected. But, this is what happens when you have a State Attorney (Kim Foxx) who has DIRECT ties to the obama’s and George Soros.

The Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson and Mayor Rahm Emanuel held a presser in response to today’s decision where saying they’re pissed off is an understatement…

Many of who have tracked Emanuel since his days of being obama’s right hand man were taken back and cheering/ supporting him. It was actually shocking to hear the words coming out of his mouth because he sounded like a conservative.


Emanuel has this dead to rights, Smollett got off because of his elitist status. There is no justice in America when you have 2 sets of rules. One for elitists who can commit crimes, such as faking an attack claiming it was racially driven potentially fueling a race war, who walk scot-free and the other set of rules that would land ANY ONE OF US IN JAIL FOR DOING WHAT Smollett did! Oh and democrats the days of claiming “__ privilege” are over for you. Anyone who tries to pull that shit will be shut down with 2 words: Jussie Smollett.

Justice was slapped in the face today by a privileged Hollywood elitist. Jussie is walking free because he is wealthy, black, gay, a celebrity and leftist with ties to “important” people. This fiasco is another example of everything that is wrong in this country.

The Justice Dept needs to step in and prosecute Smollett at the least for mail fraud. Of course when…. IF that happens the media and leftists will come out of the woodwork to defend him claiming this is just the racist bigoted Trump dictatorship prosecuting an innocent man because he is gay and black.

You are seeing more proof, as this site warned, the US is a Banana Republic. A Reset is coming.