Swalwell: “Our Standard Is Different Than Proof Beyond A Reasonable Doubt”


Eric Swalwell is one of the top perpetrators of the collusion hoax. He went on Tucker Carlson in 2018 suggesting Trumps campaign speech jokingly calling on Russians to find Hillary’s email was solid proof of collision to steal the election.

This video is proof Swalwell and his party are mentally deranged with delusions of superiority, suggesting dems “standard is different than proof beyond a reasonable doubt”.

Democrats are schoolyard bullies who like to change the rules in the middle of a game when they’re losing. Listen to this guy, and other dems, acting high-mighty as if they are guardians of moral decency and the law. They think they can do a better job “investigating” Trump than their failed savior Mueller and his 19+ democrat Hillary supporting attorneys who spent over $25M over 2 years!!

GOP voters who sat home election day who are now bitching about the dems abuse of power, this is ALL your fault! These dems are dangerous, willing to bring this country to the brink of physical violent conflict to get what they think is theirs. You all better get your asses to the polls come 2020 or this BS will continue until 2024.