Maxine Waters Says Mueller Report “Is Not The End Of Anything”


Democrats, already living in a world of denial and delusion are sinking deeper into delusion following the Mueller report concluding no more indictments and AG Barr issuing a statement there is no collusion or any attempts by members of the Trump admin and campaign to work with the Russians.

Maxine Waters stood at the forefront of the fake news conspiracy adamant Pres Trump colluded with the Russians this site has covered over the last 2+ years. She appeared on MSNBC-13 telling Joy Reid the report “is not the end of anything”.

Democrats, especially Waters, put all their hopes in their guy Mueller to take Trump out, giving them the ammo they need to impeach Trump. Now that it has failed they will continue this witch hunt and cook up another conspiracy to get Trump.

This is what they do when they’re holding just 1/3 of the power in DC, imagine if they get the same kind of power they held when obama was in office!?