‘Empire’ Star Practically Started a Race War For Higher Pay


Jussie Smollett is now behind bars thanks to good old-fashioned police work as Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson laid out today while also condemning Hollywood, media and politicians who jumped head first to Smollett’s defense. Why did Saint Subway* do it? In a nutshell, Smollett staged this entire attack, sending himself the threatening letter, paid the Osundairo brothers $3500 by check(amateur move), the scratches and bruises self-inflicted all because he wanted more pay on ‘Empire’!! (Not to mention his absolute HATE for Pres Trump)

Imagine for a minute had his planned attack gone the way he wanted where two men, Trump supporters, were caught on film attacking him. Two white men could’ve been sent to jail for nothing. You KNOW protests and violence would’ve erupted in Chicago and other cities against Pres Trump over all the “hate, racism and bigotry he is causing”. Anyone wearing a red MAGA hat would be a target for an attack. Jussie manipulated lawmakers who were pushing new hate crime laws. A race war literally could have been ignited as some have warned, including civil rights activist Najee Ali.

All of this because Jussie wanted a few more bucks to actprofessionally lie.

As for those who came to his defense, quite a long list with very big names, not one of them has retracted their statements of condemnation against the President and his supporters, nor apologized for jumping the gun.

One last thing, what Jussie did was in fact an act of racism towards white people.

This country is headed for an armed conflict, as this ASS just poured kerosene on the fire.

* Trayvon Martin was referred to as Saint Skittles where people claimed he was killed for being in wrong place carrying a pack of Skittles, until we learned he was the aggressor that led to his untimely death. Jussie Smollett will be known as Saint Subway for the Subway sandwich he carried when he was “attacked, but now we know are criminal actions where many on the left, like Fox News’ Juan Williams, are already planting seeds of doubt that he has mental problems!