Migrants Flown to San Diego Are Being Quarantined in Hotels

Illegal aliens being flown into San Diego from Texas for faster processing is coming at an additional cost – an outbreak of influenza. If we listen to the words from our “friends” on the Left, the best, brightest and healthiest are coming across the southern border… In reality we are actually getting the worst the third-world has to offer, since educated, skilled and HEALTHY people do not enter the US illegally.

Keep in mind the illegals captured and shipped all over the US represent a small portion of those actually making it through. It’s estimated that for every illegal apprehended 3-4 get through, so do the math when you hear the staggering numbers of those captured coupled with news like this of those who are not well.

“Migrants”… yes that’s what the media is now calling illegal aliens. They’ve quickly shifted from calling them undocumented immigrants to migrants.

“migrant noun
mi·​grant | \ ˈmī-grənt \
Definition of migrant
: one that migrates: such as
a: a person who moves regularly in order to find work especially in harvesting crops
b: an animal that shifts from one habitat to another”

The media is playing a wilful role in normalizing illegal immigration. They are aiding the democrat party with the systematic destruction of the USA by using Cloward-Piven strategy via illegal immigration to collapse the system…. if they don’t cause a pandemic beforehand!!