Bernie Sanders Admits Govt Run Single Payer Health Care Will Require Tax Increases


Bernie Sanders may be a socialist and radical in his policies but the guy is at least honest, unlike the other DNC presidential candidates. The socialist admitted during a town hall in Concord NH that govt run single payer health care will require tax increases.

That’s right America, you will be taxed more to pay for govt controlled health care, where the level of care will be far lower than it is now. Have you heard the nightmare stories about the level of care veterans receive from the VA? That IS govt controlled health care, where we all will be subjected to the same abuse as our veterans where many have died WAITING to see a doctor!

Govt controlled health care does not work, just ask the Brits or Canadians who come here. People with the means/ money come to the US for care vs going through their own countries HC system.

What we need is for insurance companies to be able to compete across state lines, that will increase the level of competition and drive prices down making HC affordable for everyone, but Leftists don’t see it that way. Their goal is not affordable HC, they’re desire to control the system is to control the people, deciding who, when and how people will get care.

Do you really want people like Bernie Sanders deciding whether you can get treatment or not? We’ve already had this debate with obamacare, which again was designed to fail to in fact open the door for single payer as obama suggested when he was campaigning for the 2008 election.