Federal Judge, Appointed By AND Who Donated to Obama, Blocks Border Wall Plan


US Ca District Court Judge Haywood Gilliam, appointed by obama in 2014, has issued an order temporarily blocking the Trump admin from using federal DOD funds to build the border wall.

Judge blocks Trump from building sections of border wall

Federal Judges cannot step in on issues of national security which is what the building the border wall is about. If we listen to our “friends” on the Left who say otherwise then that would mean federal judges acting on behalf of Leftists filing suits in opposition could step-in anytime they wanted to stop (any) POTUS and Congress from using military force. In other words if some tree-hugger doesn’t want us to bomb one of our enemies they could take it to court to stop the govt. That is in effect what is happening here with judges issuing rulings to stop the Trump admin because activists who are not happy about the border wall being built. This order will be over-turned like many other rulings against the admin because like it or not the President possesses plenary powers on issues of national security, be it on who can or cannot enter the US via 8 US Code § 1182(f), or 10 US Code § 284(b(7) that allows fencing to be erected to combat drug trafficking, which is one of the many reasons Trump has to build the wall.

On top of this judge stretching his authority to rule on issues of national security he has a clear conflict of interest, again by being appointed by obama, but Gilliam “donated $6,900 to Barack Obama’s debut campaign for president and $14,500 to his reelection campaign, according to federal election records. The same records also indicate he contributed $4,500 to the Democratic National Committee in 2012 and, between 2012 and 2015, sent $3,100 to the Covington Burling LLP PAC, which supports candidates from both parties. His contributions totaled $29,000.” ~ Washington Examiner.

Democrats deliberately shop judges before they bring challenges to the admin to stack the odds in their favor. These judges have demonstrated they put politics ahead of the law should be required to, wait for it, recuse themselves. Democrats love demanding republican judges, attorneys, govt officials to recuse themselves from controversial matters, the same tactic should be employed by attorneys who have to defends the Trump admins policies – NO obama appointed judges.

Every single time a federal judge gets in the way of this administration from doing its job they turn out to be activists who were obama or Clinton admin appointees. This site explicitly warned voters in 2012 to vote for Romney over obama on the very issue of obama stacking the courts with judicial activists/ loyalists. This is a shining example of how elections have consequences. While you may feel good about yourself sitting home election day over principles, you need to understand you’ve allowed the Left to gain another foothold on this country.