James Clapper: ‘An Inquiry Done Fairly and Objectively Would Be Useful’

The obama admin’s former Dir of Nat’l Intelligence, James Clapper, a willing participant in the Russian hoax/ soft coup against Pres Trump, is showing clear signs he is the horse to bet on over who will roll on the coup conspirators. He’s all in favor “an inquiry fairly done” by the DOJ/ AG Barr into how the witch hunt got started because he knows whoever cooperates will get the best deal, including avoiding jail time.

Clapper has already pointed the finger of blame at obama (several times actually!) for ordering Pres Trump to be spied on. The fear this man has of spending the remainder of his life in jail is on display in almost every interview he gives. He will be a weapon used by the DOJ to smoke out the others and hopefully some members of Congress, like Adam Schiff.