Acting DHS Sec: Current Border Crisis Has “More Than Doubled” From the Last Two


Acting DHS Sec Kevin McAleenan warned members of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee the border crisis has more than doubled from the last two. He called out Congress for not taking any action as there are the problem.

$1.1 Billion of Americans tax dollars are being used for:
“$391 million for humanitarian assistance including temporary migrant processing facilities at the southwest border
$530 million for border operations to include our search personnel expenses and increased transportation and detention costs
$178 million for operations and support costs including pay and retention incentives for our operational personnel as well as upgrading our IT systems”

I can think of 553,000 better uses for that money vs WASTING it on illegal immigration.

It’s not the CBP, Pres Trump or others fault at this point for the invasion on the border. The democrats with the help of RINO’s have done everything possible to prevent any action that stops the flow of illegals. Quite frankly, at this point it’s like they turned the spigot on and then smashed the knob so there’s no way to shut it off.