Fmr DHS Sec: Equivalent Population Of Orlando Showed Up On Border In 2 Mos


This comment from obama’s fmr DHS Secretary should scare the hell out of every single American, Left or Right. The number of people who entered the US in just 2 mos alone is the equivalent of the population of the city of Orlando, Florida!

Anyone saying there is not a crisis on the US-Mexico border is a liar. That more or less means every single member of the democrat party, media, special interests are in fact in full support and many times enabling, encouraging if not aiding illegals invading the US. The Left can’t win an election fair and square in order to accomplish obama’s dream to fundamentally transform the USA, so they’re turning a blind-eye to illegal aliens who will change our demographics, which changes the number of Congressional Representatives. You’ve heard it on this site a million times, you’ll hear again and again. The Left wants to do to the entire US what they SUCCESSFULLY did to California, turning into a permanent one party ruled state. CA is a mess, it’s coming apart at the seams from out of control spending to encouraging depravity.

This country spends billions protecting other nations and their borders. The ruling class is doing everything in their power to allow people to just stroll across the border and put up roadblocks at every turn against POTUS from securing the border. The govt’s first duty is to protect the homeland which means border security. We the border wall up asap and in the meantime US troops patrolling the border repelling invaders. And no democrats I DO NOT CARE how many are genuine in their intentions for a better life. We have veterans and countless Americans living on the streets and in poverty, not to mention the millions who remain unemployed. Let’s take care of our own before the rest of the world!