Law Professor Warns House Judiciary Dems In For ‘World of Hurt’ If They Go After AG Barr


George Washington Univ law professor, Jonathan Turley, testified at the House Judiciary hearing for Executive Privilege and Congressional Oversight fielding questions dems hope would go in their favor of continuing their witch hunt against Pres Trump. Since the democrats are running the asylum they are hell-bent on removing Pres Trump from office one way or another. The dems are upset over AG Barr refusing to testify on the Mueller Dossier, as well as violate federal law by providing classified information redacted in the Dossier.

Turley, being a democrat and a Constitutional scholar, was asked to testify and advise on whether or not the Executive Branch is abusing its power. When Rep Chabot(R) asked him about an article he did about the democrats manufacturing a conflict Turley explained in detail why the democrats are wrong and if they persist in their efforts against AG Barr they will be in for a ‘world of hurt’ in federal court.


The democrats are NEVER going to learn their lesson until they get the equivalent of an anvil dropped on them, be it a major defeat in court (general ruling or large financial penalty), at the ballot box or the like.