DiGenova: Comey, Clapper and Brennan Better Lawyer Up


John Brennan and James Clapper are making the rounds on the DNC news networks doing a pathetic job of CYA. Comey is MIA, as of late, to do his share because as Joe diGenova and Rep Jordan explain the investigation into the origins of the Russian collusion conspiracy is getting very serious. AG Barr appointed US Atty John Durham to investigate the Deep State actors who engaged in this clear attempt of a soft coup.

When news broke of the appointment word had it Durham has been at it for a few weeks, but now we find out from diGenova he’s been working on this for months! To make matters worse for the Three Stooges (Comey, Clapper and Brennan) Durham is working with Dir of Nat’l Intel Dan Coates, CIA Dir Gina Haspel to uncover the entire coup conspiracy and key players, who better lawyer up.

The Three Stooges like all the other players involved were banking on a Clinton 2016 victory where HRC would’ve BURIED everything they ALL did. Now you can understand why the Left has been vehemently attacking AG Barr to discredit as he is in fact following through on the promise he made to get to the bottom of what really happened. For those who are not keeping close score, all you need to know is everything Trump has been accused of the DNC, Hillary Clinton, Clapper, Comey, Brennan and other Deep State actors along with special interests groups, with the help of the media, actually did! Very soon everything is going to be exposed.

These people are looking at serious jail time. Brennan has literally engaged, via Twitter and his tv appearances, in acts of sedition and rebellion not to mention whatever hand he played in the coup. Clapper at the least has lied (what’s new?). Comey KNEW from a DOJ memo Oct 11, 2016 Christopher Steele and his dossier was full of holes but he went ahead with signing off on a FISA warrant Oct 21 2016!

DiGenova is rarely wrong, he has insider knowledge not even the media has. As a matter of fact a few months ago he said Comey was going to be indicted and here we go.

Don’t get your hopes of seeing HRC or even obama being pinned with any crime. There are far too many people involved where many will fall on their sword to protect them. My money is on Clapper, he knows who Barr and Durham and they don’t play around. He’s scared, and the idea of spending the rest of his life in jail will be all the motivation he needs to roll on whoever to stay out of jail!

It’s going to get fun now, watch and see how vicious the Left becomes.