Clapper in Fear – Thinks DOJ Probe Into Origins of Russia Investigation is Politically Motivated


Can you smell it? Can you smell the fear emanating from obama’s fmr Dir of Nat’l Intelligence James Clapper following news AG Barr assigned US Atty John Durham to investigate the origins of the Russia investigation?

We all wonder who will be the first one to rat out the coup conspirators, Clapper is most likely going to be the winner. April 1st he admitted obama ordered the Russian interference probe which morphed into the witch hunt against Donald Trump. For the record that wasn’t the first time he did that, a year ago he told CNN’s Don Lemon it was a “good thing” the obama regime was spying on Trump! With news that Durham has been working on this for weeks is sending the Left into hysteria trying every angle they can conjure up to discredit Barr and Durham, where Clapper here is going along with Jim Sciutto’s suggestion the probe is politically motivated.

No Jimmy Boy, it’s called getting to the truth and holding you coup conspirators accountable. We’re really looking forward to seeing you turn on all your pals!