Dem Calls For Treasury Sec To Be Jailed If He Doesn’t Hand Over Trump’s Tax Returns


Rep Bill Pascrell is calling for Treasury Sec Steve Mnuchin to be jailed if he doesn’t hand over Trump’s tax returns from years ago, when POTUS was a private citizen. Let’s make something clear here, if a public figure like Donald Trump, before he became President, did anything shady with his tax returns over the last 40+ years the IRS would have come down on him by now. The democrats are obsessed with belief that POTUS is Russian asset working for Putin even though the Mueller Dossier provided nothing to support their conspiracy.

There is no criminal investigation, Trump has not committed and has not been charged with any crimes, yet the House Ways and Means Comm, like other House committees, is bending laws, old ones at that, in their fishing expedition.


Pascrell claims Trump didn’t pay his “fair share” in taxes 20-30 years ago, but that is only because he lost money. Countless Americans do not pay taxes when they lose a significant amount of money and Pascrell knows this. He is being beyond deceptive with his attack against Trump, in which his financial losses in the 80’s-90’s was public knowledge anyway. But this is what democrats do because they know there are voters who have no clue who will take what they hear as Gospel.

If dems can do this to Trump just imagine what they will do to anyone if they ever get absolute power again!? Right leaning voters better get out to vote in 2020 otherwise monsters like Pascrell are going to be running everything.