Under Sanders Medicare For All Plan – Taxes Will Go Up and No More Private Insurance

One thing you can say and appreciate from Bernie Sanders is his honesty. Under his plan for Medicare For All/ universal healthcare, private insurance companies will be run out of business replaced by bureaucrats with no medical background deciding your fate. And of course you will pay more in taxes to pay for this govt controlled healthcare as well as all the other perks he is promising voters.

We already have an example to the type of care ALL Americans will be receiving, all you have to do is look at the VA. Veterans are waiting months to be seen by a doctor where sadly many have died WAITING!

Under Bernie, or really any of the democrats plans for universal healthcare we will be wishing for VA level care. This govt sucks when it takes businesses/ services over, from the VA, DMV, Amtrak to the Postal Service all under water and/ or poorly run. Keep govt out of healthcare… out of our lives.