Fmr DNI Chief Clapper Says “Good Thing” Obama FBI Was Spying on Trump 📺

James Clapper’s appearances attacking Pres Trump, his approval and bragging about Trump being spied on is in fact an admittance the obama regime did in fact spy on Donald Trump. If you recall, Trump had tweeted out obama was spying on him where the Leftist controlled media berated, trashed and trivialized him for saying that, suggesting he was paranoid and spreading conspiracy theory. Of course none of them are taking their harsh words back let alone apologizing now that the truth is out.

Clapper needs to be investigated for his involvement, leaking if not charged for committing perjury to congress. This obama loyalist Leftist is so full of himself he runs his mouth telling the truth proving the corruption we’ve been witnessing. Let’s be clear the Russians weren’t doing anything with the Trump campaign because they were too busy working with the DNC, Hillary Clinton and the intel agencies (Brennan). They all cooked up this ridiculous collusion conspiracy and that dossier to justify spying on Trump.

We cannot have the federal govt controlled by one party spying on Americans as they did under the corrupt barack hussein benito milhous obama regime. This is more proof the US is a Banana Republic where our intelligence agencies are corrupt. They’re staffed with die-hard obama loyalists who, to this day, are working to undermine the duly elected President of the United States. This is serious America, and shame on Clapper for being happy about it (probably played a role in it).