Glenn Beck REPENTS, Going Full MAGA, Admits He Was Wrong About Trump! 📺 🔊

Well this was quite interesting to hear today. Glenn Beck, who was vehemently against Donald Trump running for President in 2016, expecting the worst, going so far as to call Trump a progressive had an awaking. Since Trump took office Beck has been keeping score of the accomplishments as well as the attacks Pres Trump has been subjected to. Thanks to the Left going full-bore on Trump, over his calling MS-13 animals, Beck had enough of it so much so to don a MAGA hat, declare he will vote for Trump who will win in a landslide, of potentially epic proportion in 2020!

Beck pointed the doubts he had for Trump, on his campaign promises, then citing they were in fact accomplished and how he was wrong! The former Fox host apologized for being wrong, and dismantled the Left on point after point over how wrong they have been about Pres Trump. He hammered away on the media saying their almost “not even worth addressing anymore” calling them a “joke and parody of what they think they are.”

Heheheh… liberals do you have any idea how much trouble you’re in now? You demonize conservatives at every opportunity. You side with Hamas, MS-13, illegal aliens, promise to raise taxes to take away hard-working Americans money(it’s their money NOT yours), bring on single payer healthcare, boldly declare you want to repeal the Second Amendment and the list goes on and on for your 2018/2020 blue wave takeover fantasy! When you have guys like Beck, who were vehemently against Trump post-primary and into the election, now saying “Hey I was wrong, this guy is doing a fantastic job, he’ll win the next election and I’ll GLADLY vote for him”, your days are numbered. You see that’s Beck on air, saying all of this, what about the people who shared the same anti-Trump viewpoint who have had a change of heart as he?? So you dems you go right ahead pushing your blue wave we’ll see how big it is come Nov 2018 and then 2020.

Good luck.

To the Beck haters out there… give the guy a break. I’d rather have him on the air defending Trump, and converting listeners on the truth that will result in votes for repubs, conservs and Trump than not. We’re all on the same side or do you want dems to win?

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