Judge Pirro Blasts Jeff Sessions: He is ‘MOST DANGEROUS Man in America’ 📺

The Judge opened her show up giving an up-to-date synopsis of the special investigation, aka witch hunt, against Pres Trump after it’s one year anniversary. To date nothing has been accomplished nor any illegal or criminal activity has been proven, while millions of tax dollars are wasted. What the Judge is doing in this segment is to actuality build a “case” against the Attorney General Jeff Sessions, calling him the “most dangerous man in America”.

Everything you have been witnessing during this witch hunt against Trump is because of Jeff Sessions! He is weak and impotent, allowing himself to be convinced by Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein (who is part of the Deep State esp with regards to Uranium One) to recuse himself, where Rod has more or less taken control of the DOJ. Sessions has done absolutely nothing as AG, many times invoking his recusal as reason to not get involved with any aspect of this farce investigation where he could get involved if he wanted to. Because of his impotence we see weekly examples of corruption, acts of perjury and stonewalling by the one agency we expect to be honorable, truthful and unbiased. The DOJ/ FBI once respected now no longer truth worthy because Sessions has allowed the convicts to run the prison.

One of the most aggravating, infuriating, bullet points Pirro makes against Sessions is his unwillingness to go after Hillary Clinton, who legitimately broke federal laws, because she is private citizen now? What is that? That tells each and every American the US is in fact a Banana Republic, where elites can break the law, not be held accountable and when they go back to civilian life they need not worry about prosecution! NO sorry, it doesn’t work that way, unless we’re talking about a third world nation. Through Sessions’ incompetence that is what the US has become, we are in a Constitutional crisis not because of anything Trump has done but what the DOJ/FBI and other agencies are doing to him, and again none of it would be happening if Sessions had spine!

Jeff should have never taken the AG job knowing he would recuse himself practically from day one. The President, with the advice of Constitutional legal scholars liberal and conservative, from Dershowitz to Levin, should fire Rod Rosenstein. His termination would trigger Sessions resignation and then hopefully POTUS can get an AG in office who will work to protect the country and Justice Dept, and bring justice to those engaged in the soft coup against Trump.