Illegal Alien Invasion Part of Left’s Plan to Control Electoral College


The illegal alien invasion is a “full-blown emergency” the Left is ignoring as thousands cross the US-Mexican border, many with children in-tow thanks to the Flores Settlement.


The numbers are staggering, where it was just reported today a total of 144K were apprehended in the month of May alone.

This is child abuse but the Left is silent because they only care about these children when they are in US custody, that is overwhelmed and cannot care for them all, to make cheap political points. The Left never condemns the families renting their children out to smugglers. But when a kid dies after entering the US, sick in “our” care, their death becomes Pres Trump and the republican’s fault, NOT the democrats who are creating the policies like the amnesty bill passed in the House by democrat majority that baits them in. The Left also couldn’t careless about deadly diseases that include measles, mumps, typhus, STD’s, TB, or even the most deadly ebola and bubonic plague which has shown up in New Mexico!

That bigger picture the Left is acting on has been spelled out on this site many times and now the media is beginning to say what visitors of this site have been hearing: the Left wants to change Americas demographics alter the Electoral College to gain more Congressional power nationally as they successfully did in California, now under permanent one party (democrat) rule.

This invasion must be stopped, we cannot sustain the population of Orlando FL or Cleveland, OH entering the US every 2-3 months. The invasion will cause a systematic collapse of the US. Frankly if Congress and POTUS don’t take action to seal the border then the American people will have to take matters into our hands to lock it down.