Border Invasion: New Migrant Caravan En Route to the US From Mexico


More illegal aliens, or as the media likes to call them “migrants”, are headed to the US and what is Mexico doing about it??

‘Reports on the ground suggest Mexico only has 200 military police officers to confront this latest caravan, and instead of detaining and deporting the migrants, officials opted to put them on buses and take them deeper into Mexico. They say the migrants will be housed and registered around the town of Tapachula but there is no guarantee they won’t continue their trek north [to America].’

The Mexican govt better deploy their military to their southern border since they have no problem having incursions across the US border where our troops have been held at gun point.

As you watch this take note the number of young men headed our way.

The screws have to be turned on Mexico, via tariffs or other economic restrictions. They are directly responsible for the invasion at the southern border. Mexico has stricter laws than the US yet they are not enforcing them, why!? Because they don’t have the facilities to house them? TOO BAD NEITHER DOES THE US!!

If people are seeking asylum from Central and South America, as well as the other 144 countries illegals apprehended on the border, then they should be claiming it in the first country they step in. But since theses illegals are headed to the US, Mexico turns a blind eye allowing illegals to travel though even aiding them by providing transportation.

Mexican govt is beyond corrupt and the nation is NOT America’s friend. They’re willfully engaged in activity to undermine the USA’s sovereignty by allowing 10’s of thousands of illegal aliens… `scuse me “migrants” to enter/travel through their country to enter the US.