Dem Gov Inslee Accuses Pres Trump of Treason Over Climate Change

A 2020 democrat presidential candidate and Governor of Washington accused Pres Trump of treason, which is punishable by death, over his views on climate change. Let that sink in for a minute because when Leftists accuse Trump or anyone else, opposed to their agenda, of treason they’re more or less calling for ones execution!

“You know, that would have been if not treasonous, at least something that—a moral abomination. And we cannot allow ourselves to become accustomed to this. This is a moral outrage. It is a gross failure of the commander in chief. And I don’t use the word treason very often, but when someone lies to the American people, when the entire intelligence community is telling the president of the United States that this is a national security threat of the first dimension and he is willing to lie to the American people, I don’t think we should take this lying down.”

The science is not conclusive on climate change. Remember the people screaming the end go the world is coming are the same ones who said we would be in an ice age by now. They have no clue what’s going on basing their opinions on junk science which is based on computer models not actual data collected over decades. Again, in the 70’s they said we’d all freeze to death (global cooling), then years later they swore we would be cooked alive (global warming) where now, because they have no clue, they just say climate change. The weather changes every year, the planet heats up and cools down. God help us if the Sun gets a fever or sneezes. By the way what temperature should we be at today!? You never hear anyone asking them that question, or how much rain or snowfall we should have on a given day because there is no set number.

To accuse Trump of treason over this nonsense should concern all Americans, because he is a representation of at least 63M Americans. When they accuse him of treason they’re accusing you, who put him in office, of it too!

They can call us climate deniers all they want, at least we won’t be laughed at 100 years from now when science advances enough to prove they are no different from flat-earthers 400+ years ago!

Climate change is a religion to these people, don’t dismiss them as extremists have already committed acts of violence in the name of the environment. This cult is ready to take out POTUS just think what they’d do to you! Listen to Inslee as he lies about the CA fires. It had nothing to do with climate change. It had to do with a power company and the states failure for conservation, allowing the build up of dead trees and other growth which was nothing but a massive fuel supply for the fires. These people are dangerous.