Beto Compares Green New Deal to Beating the Nazis and The Great Depression


What is it with Leftists comparing their stupid, FICTIONAL causes to actual major life-changing historical events? Beto…. BETA, Robert Francis O’Rourke had the audacity to compare the Green New Deal to beating the nazis (National SOCIALISTS) and Great Depression, when in reality if the GND was put into action it would cause WAR, death, destruction – dwarfing the chaos the world suffered under these two!

The GND will cost at least $32 TRILLION, it will destroy industries, actually taking us backwards where you can be sure starvation will follow AFTER people are done fighting with each other for food and resources. This plan was conceived by a radical leftist group, delivered by a CHILD who has no idea what she’s saying or doing (A LOT like obama). Go ahead watch clips of AOC, she’s clueless speaking off the cuff, but during Congressional hearings you can tell she’s reading a script prepared by her bosses Justice Democrats. Why would anyone throw their support behind such an insane proposal, unless they too are insane.

BETA is like AOC, clueless an empty head running his mouth saying things to capture crowds who clearly don’t know their history. He can flail his arms around and stand on counter-tops all he wants but it won’t change the facts of how demonstrably wrong he is on just about every position he holds.

This new generation of democrats socialists are quite dangerous. They play on peoples feelings ignoring facts to gain power. A certain nazi did the same thing as he rose to power… it didn’t end well for the world.