Border Chiefs and Sheriffs DESTROY the Left’s Anti-Border Wall & No Crisis Narrative


This was potentially one of the most devastating pressers that has ever been delivered by law enforcement aka EXPERTS about the border that was short sweet and to the point. It should be of no surprise only Fox News carried it live, not CNN and/ or MSNBC, who were too busy with their daily bashing of the President.

Border Chief Gloria Chavez for El Centro CA sector was asked to say a few words and proceeded school the media over how effective the border wall is. She made it clear about the level of violence agents are subjected to by the Left’s “chosen people” and how effective the wall has been stopping the violence and illegal entries. Pres Trump then invited CA & AZ Sheriffs, CBP’s San Diego Chief to speak picking up where Chavez left off to more or less DESTROY the Left’s narrative that “walls don’t work” and there is “no crisis on the border”!

Take note those on the Left who are adamant walls don’t work and there is no crisis do not take up these experts offers to visit the border. They choose to spew lies to the country for political points, clicks and ratings. They don’t care about American citizens safety, threats to our economy and public health, the lives of the people being trafficked across the border, nor the drugs and weapons coming across. All the left wants to do is flood red states like TX to turn them blue as they did in CA to gain power over this country. We lose Texas, Florida and few others IT’S OVER! The Left is literally using the leftist Cloward-Piven strategy to collapse the US while they position themselves to take control before the dust settles.

This is the fight of our time. Forget abortion, climate change or any of the other causes the Left is pushing. If the border is not secured and something done about the illegals in this country the democrats socialists will take over and all of their causes will get passed, just like they did in California.

You’ve been warned, now go light an inferno under your Senators and Representatives asses to stop this insanity.