Sanders Fmr Press Sec: We Have Put a White Supremacist in the White House

Bernie Sanders frm press secretary Symone Sanders is really trying to make a name for herself pulling the race card at every opportunity. In nutshell, more or less with CNN’s blessing, Pres Trump is a racist and white supremacist all because he refuses to single out one side over the recent race riots. That is what all of this is about. Trump didn’t spell out the kkk, nazis, alt-right in his speech a week ago so he has racist tendencies and is a white supremacist.

There is nothing this POTUS can do or say that will not be attacked by radical unhinged Leftists. This is all we’re going to see and hear over the 3.5 years. Trump is a racist, bigot, womanizer, corporate shill, globalist, Russian operative etc etc etc. These people are going to try to wear Americans down with relentless attacks with the hopes Congress steps in with impeachments or he resigns.

They don’t care 63M people want him in office, these elites want him out and will do it with one fake conspiracy after another. One thing they aren’t factoring in is what those 63M people will do. That will be a very bad day for the country….