MSNBC: Trump Continuing “White Racism” Legacy Set by Reagan and Nixon

Normal American’s shouldn’t be surprised at the speed and viciousness coming from the Left painting Trump as a racist. It’s the same pile on we’ve been witnessing for over a year over the Russian conspiracy that has died.

The fact no one is talking about Russia anymore just goes to show how dead that narrative is. The media needed something new so they jumped all over Trump for simply not spelling out the kkk, neo-nazis and white supremacists in his initial speech following the violence in Charlottesville.

Why does the racist angle work? Because most people on the Right avoid the topic like the plague. They’re scared to be labeled a racist, risk losing friends and family over defending a position. The Left knows this and is why they are going so hard on the new false narrative. What people on the Right need to do is accept since they didn’t vote for Hillary, they’re already racists in the eyes of the Left. So embrace the hate, start fighting back otherwise this is going to be another win for the Left… yes it’s that simple.