Rush: “America Is Under Attack From Within… We Are On The Cusp Of A Second Civil War” (Video!)

Evey thing Rush lays out here could be considered a continuation from a similar warning Bill O’Reilly issued a few days ago. The Left is out to destroy the country and remake based on their beliefs. The fight we’re seeing right now over pointing fingers at racists is just a tool, an effective one, they’re using.

We are in a COLD civil war for sure, question is when will it heat up?

Leftists from the media, politicians, political pundits, celebrities, and run of the mill activists are fully engaged in a concerted effort to undermine Trump’s presidency. They’re putting pressure on Congress to do nothing as far as his agenda goes while taking to the streets and airwaves to more or less create havoc. The mission is the same as always, they’ve only changed the vehicle to get them to the same end result. They tried the Russia conspiracy which was controversial but not strong enough, now they’re pushing racism narrative which works every single time they used it. These people are doing everything possible to ensure obama’s dream of fundamental transformation happens. It starts with removing Confederate flags, then statues, then they expand their efforts to the Founding Fathers and someday the Constitution.

The Left is never going to stop. A fight is coming.

(I don’t expect this video to be around long, so watch and share it)