O’Reilly: Far Left is Coming For EVERYBODY, to Shut Down Opposition (Video)

” [Far Left] They’re not gonna to stop with Trump or with Robert E Lee’s statue, they’re coming for everybody. They want to shut up opposition, they want to hurt their opposition and that’s who they are.”

Bill O’Reilly reading the words of radical Leftists plans explains how they’re out to not only destroy American history, Pres Trump but the country. What we’re seeing covered in the news 24/7 right now is, as he explains, coming right out of Alinsky’s book; isolate, marginalize and demonize opposition.

Calling everyone nazis, racists, more or less taking guilt by association to the extreme is all to inject doubt on leadership and destabilize the country. The radical Left is preparing for battle as they pit everyone against everyone to in fact “introduce a little anarchy”, because they believe they will be standing in control when the dust settles.

This plot goes even deeper if you know who Aleksandr Dugin is. Glenn Beck, like him or hate him, has this scheme dead to rights on his tv show Think Tank. He will be going deeper to expose Dugin influence and interference in American politics as he did when he exposed other radicals.