Dozens Injured and Killed After Terrorist Vehicle Attack in Barcelona

Innocent people minding their business shopping along Las Ramblas have had their lives changed forever today as terrorists once again used the weapon of choice, a large van, to attack.

13 people are dead
80 injured
2 suspects in custody and another was reportedly shot dead.

How many more innocent people have to die until govts and law enforcement agencies truly start cracking down on suspected terrorists. Give it time, there is little known now, but we know the drill, soon enough we’ll hear how police knew about the terrorists but didn’t have actionable intel on them. Then we’ll see the raids take place and go back to business as usual until the next attack.

They’re never gonna stop attacking. We will continue to see more low-tech attacks like Barcelona around the world. Sooner or later a large scale attack will happen.

People need to start being more alert and use a tactical mindset when they walk out the door. If you’re out on the street and hear gunshots take cover behind something big and thick. Near a car, get behind the front wheels because that is the densest part of car. A round cannot travel through the wheel,engine block and through the other wheel you should be behind! When you’re in a store, restaurant, office, classroom etc look for exits and escape routes. You’re never trapped either, those clear things called windows can be broken! Break the glass and run. Speaking of running, do not run in a straight line, zig zag, move side to side to make yourself a harder target. And last but not least, if you have the legal right to own a weapon and the state you live in allows conceal carry, start carrying. Get proper training and start carrying your weapon because the police will not be there to protect you and yours!