CNN Commentator Calls for Removal of Washington and Jefferson Statues (Vid)

Chalk up another “win” up for Pres Trump. He called it during his presser at Trump Tower whether Washington and Jefferson’s statues would be next and now the Left is calling for it! The Left is never going to stop this assault on America. That is what it is, they hate this country, it’s a racist country and that past needs to be erased.

Bill O’Reilly was explicit with this warning, if you haven’t seen it you should. O’Reilly warned the Left is coming after everyone because they know when it comes to race they win. The Right as a whole are cowards running to the hills when the race card is pulled. Because of this a precedent has been set, that is now resulting in the removal of historic statues and the like. So now Washington and Jefferson are targets, it won’t end with them. Everything related to the Founding Fathers will come under this same attack, from Mt Rushmore to the US Constitution.

People better get off their asses and start fighting back. You can start with the offensive Lenin statue in Seattle..

…followed by removing Robert Byrd’s statue from VA state capitol.

Otherwise the longer you remain silent the worse it is going to get.