Commie Michael Moore Compares Trump Voters to Rapists (Vid)

Remember after a DEMOCRAT attempted to shift the balance of power by attempting to assassinate approx 30 republicans the calls for civility and to tone down the rhetoric?! Yea, that only lasted for a day and since then Leftists (democrats/liberals/progressives and the rest of their ilk) like Michael Jabba Moore have been increasing the hate they have been spewing that will cause another Alexandria shooting.

Calling people who disagree with your politics and beliefs nazis, hitler and now comparing them to rapists doesn’t help anyone. These clowns talk of peace and coming together but in reality they don’t want that. Since Moore is being so divisive let me add to it. Look at what the Left is doing and saying, if you take away the sugar-coating there is no difference from them and radical islamic jihadists. Both demand submission to their ideology or else.

I’m not a nazi, hitler wannabe, racist or a rapist Michael. I’m not demanding people to assimilate to my ideology either, unlike you, 99.99999% of the Left and jihadists!