Dem Congressman Clyburn Compares President of the United States to Hitler (Vid)

Rep Clyburn must be feeling left out of the news cycle, since other democrats have been attacking on Pres Trump, so he decided to throw his hat in full-bore by comparing the President of the United States to Hitler! There is no comparison between Trump and the monster who is responsible for the death of millions. The US is NOT 1930’s Nazi Germany either.

Problem we have with so many attacking Trump is their clear lack of listening comprehension. They heard what they wanted to hear. Trump has repeatedly condemned,disavowed and denounced the alt-right and racist groups.

For POTUS to point out Antifa, BLM and other radicals from the Left were just as much responsible during his presser was not an endorsement or approval of the “right” leaning (kkk, nazis etc for the record are technically Left) racists. This kind of language coming from a US Congressmen is completely unacceptable. Clyburn is doing nothing but throwing gasoline on a fire… but that’s what democrats do.

The Left is over playing this card as they do the race card, to where no one will believe since everyone seems to be Hitler as of late