Radical College Prof Dyson Defends Violent Antifa as Patriots “Preserving Fabric of America” (Vid)

Leftists have gone fully insane over the last week following the Charlottesville, VA race riot. Through the “news” they are producing and statements from experts like George Washington Univ professor Michael Eric Dyson on race etc, if you do not agree with them you are a fascist, kkk, nazi and white supremacist supporter.

The nuttiness doesn’t stop there, they are now 100% embracing and at times praising radical violent Leftist groups like Antifa. Don Lemon defended them, and here is Dyson defending them as well!

Antifa (anti-fascist) are extremely violent and dangerous, who are in fact acting exactly like fascists! If you do not side with them they will attack you, or as the like to say “punch a nazi” (that’s you whether you like it or not, they don’t care).

What you are seeing playing out right now is Plan B. Plan A was tie Trump to Russia and take him and his supporters down as communists sympathizers aiding the Kremlin. That narrative has collapsed. Now it’s about connecting Trump to the racists, who did vote for him, so you and everyone else who voted for him are nazis too! And because of the dark history of the nazis and racists in the US it’s easier for the Left to connect their imaginary dots to gain support!

Yes, it’s nuts but that is what’s going on and they’re winning because avg Americans are afraid to stand up to this small minority.