That Time Reagan Gave a Speech to NAACP and Didn’t Single a Racist Group Out (Vid)

While the Left and the NeverTrump cult are coming down hard on Pres Trump over his inclusive language about the racists in Charlottesville, another President did the same thing 36 years ago… with no problems.

Pres Reagan spoke to the NAACP addressing “a disturbing re-occurrence of bigotry and violence” which was in ref to Atlanta Child Murders, where 28 black adults, teens and children were murdered over a two-year period. During his speech Reagan didn’t single out any individual or group, he used inclusive language just as Pres Trump did Aug 12. Racial tensions were just as high then as they are now, yet no one had a hissy fit, nor attacked Reagan for not pointing out X, Y or Z are to blame.

So what does this all mean, nothing other than it confirms there is NOTHING Pres Trump can say or do that will not be criticized. The Left and establishment Right are at war with this President, they want him out of office. If they can’t get him with ties to Russia, they’ll change the narrative that he is a nazi and white supremacist sympathizer because he didn’t call them out by name during a presser. The fact he has denounced these groups numerous times is irrelevant.

And those of you who defend him, you’re a nazi and racist too! This is where the violent dangerous Left, their handlers in the DNC and media are going. Anyone not in lockstep with them is a nazi who deserves to be punched in the face. Doesn’t matter who or how old you are, these monsters are ready to go to war, they’ll hurt you. So be careful what you say and who you say it to.