Don Lemon Defends Antifa as Political Group Working For the Oppressed (Vid)

Wow, is Don Lemon lying or has he been living under a rock since Nov 2016? Antifa are violent, dangerous FASCISTS claiming to be anti-fascist. Take away the sugar-coating of their “message” he defends here, and it’s clear, agree with them or else. Nothing good about them.

Lemon, and the media as a whole for that matter, is so filled with hate for Trump and hell-bent to tie him to nazis (because Russian narrative is over) he doesn’t realize he just gave people who are as bad a free pass. Guess what, when Antifa and the like trash another city, you dopes in the media own them! To this day not one DNC controlled propaganda network has condemned these extremely dangerous people.The destruction and blood to be spilled is on your hands Lefties.

As for Lemon’s rant about Trump needing a history lesson, if Don wants to talk history, to set the record straight, then do it right. It was warring African tribes who captured each other and sold said prisoners off to the slave trade industry. You want to point fingers DON, start with your own people!