UBER is Getting Into It Now, Points Blame For Violence Solely at Neo-Nazis

UBER’s Regional GM, Meghan Verena Joyce, sent this letter out to customers and like we’ve seen in the media they’re ignoring how far Left contributed to the violence in Charlottesville. While Joyce thinks she is smart by issuing this letter she, like all on the Left, has in fact taken ownership of Antifa, BLM, and all the other radical Leftists who are just as bad. Anyone giving these radical groups a pass, by omission supports them. This is also a shot at the President, since he directed blame at all who participated vs singling out the nazis which through Leftists into a major temper tantrum.


Whether you like it or not, the nazis had a right to protest, just as BLM and the like have done in the past. Also, the night before the protest when they had their tiki-torch march, there really wasn’t any trouble. The fighting and violence we witnessed was because the violent, unhinged, deranged (they were throwing bodily fluids, #2, etc at opposition) far Left showed up to counter protest riot. They instigated the fights as much as the nazis, but Joyce, speaking for UBER, will never say that. She like the CEO’s who were in the President’s Manufacturing Council is bowing down to PC pressure. That’s fine. While UBER probably avoided a boycott from Leftist groups, they’ll feel it from 63M people who didn’t vote for Hillary!

If you need a ride there’s always Lyft!