Watch Radical MO State Rep Claim to Be a Patriot, Refuse to Apologize After Calling For Trump’s Assassination

Missouri State Rep Maria Chappelle-Nadal posted on Facebook (and has now removed) her hopes that Pres Trump would be assassinated. After getting called out for such a horrible statement this hateful woman claimed it was stupid to do yet will not apologize. This hateful rhetoric is one thing when it comes from your run of the mill Leftist on social media, but when it’s an elected official it’s a whole new ball game.

When an elected leader say (regardless of medium) they hope the President of the United States gets assassinated there should be dire consequences. If a Hollywood hack can lose endorsements and their job for depicting POTUS beheaded, those elected to office should be removed immediately from the seat they occupy.

And let’s be clear Chappelle-Nadal is being absolutely defiant..

.. she’s not sorry, she means every word she posted that has since been deleted.

By the way where the hell was Facebook community monitors that allowed this to go up, yet have been silencing conservatives who post content that is no where close to be as offensive?!

The radical Leftists are praying someone makes an attempt on POTUS. With all the rhetoric we’ve seen since Nov 2016 it has sparked violence across the country including an attempted assassination on republicans that would have changed the balance of power in Congress. It’s just a matter of time until some Leftist goes after Trump. God help this country if that happens, all hell could very well break loose.

The Secret Service needs to do 2 things.
The first, remove this Gagné’s cousin from Trump’s detail.
Second, pay Nadal a visit putting the fear of God in her.