Brokaw: GOP ‘Declaring War on Hispanics’ (Video)

Add propagandist Tom Brokaw to the list of unhinged Leftists starting a fire where there is none when he should be attacking his messiah obama. Since obama admitted repeatedly DACA was temporary, he doesn’t have legal authority, there are laws in place etc why do Leftists insist on attacking the GOP, conservatives and Pres Trump for the end of DACA?

This meltdown coastal cosmopolitan elites are having only strengthens everything I stated that the nation isn’t tearing itself apart, they are trying to create the image it is. Furthermore none of these kids nor their families were being deported prior to obama violating the law. Yet these crappy fight promoters run to the cameras to create division.

Last but not least, the old kook is just lying when he says illegals are doing jobs Americans just don’t want. Americans want the jobs but can’t take them because of how badly illegals, WHO LIVE IN PACKS, have driven wages down in said jobs. I was in lending, I KNOW THE GAMES THESE PEOPLE PLAY and how they live. They can make a budget work on lower wages the avg American worker can’t.

I’m telling you America, the sane normal repubs and dems out there, you want to end this nonsense? You need to bring the fight to the people trying to get us all to come to blows while they sit back and watch!