25 TIMES Obama Said Amnesty by Executive Order is Illegal & Unconstitutional (Video)

Here we have a series of clips featured on the Kelly File of fmr pres obama making it abundantly clear DACA was never meant to be permanent, or provide any sort of path towards citizenship. He knows his executive order was not legal, Megyn Kelly (like her or not) spelled it out, along with Sen Ted Cruz as well. The point of sharing this material is not to take shots at obama (NOR Kelly)! The reason this is being shared with you now is so you have ammo against the Left who have lost their minds over Pres Trump’s recent decision to end DACA (not really!).

The Left is literally lying on radio, television and social media creating a narrative DREAMers were being given special treatment leading to amnesty or something. Frankly, it’s mind-boggling to keep up with them and how badly they are twisting this. They know the truth but are banking on uninformed people to think otherwise while they perform revisionist history covering up the truth from obama’s own mouth!

When dems complain, ask them why DREAMers, under DACA, had the time to fill out applications for college, financial aid for college, job applications etc but not once ever make an effort to right the wrong their parents committed by applying for US citizenship?

This is proof they were and still are seeking full amnesty with no consequences or penalties.

[Warning: Any negative comments, attacks towards Kelly will be deleted, this is not about her.]