Clapper Admits It’s Possible Trump Was Recorded on Manafort Wiretap (Video)

Democrats, msm, Leftists all owe Pres Trump an apology since CNN “broke” news Paul Manafort was wiretapped. Mark Levin laid out the evidence per the media’s own stories months ago that there was validity to Trump’s claim he was wiretapped by the obama admin. Now we can add Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to the list. He more or less admitted that it was possible Pres Trump was recorded on Manafort wiretaps! This is the same guy who denied any knowledge of FISA warrants issued and who lied in front of Congress. His trivializing the possibility of Trump being recorded pretty much means he was.

Many people are asking why would the obama regime wiretap Trump and his team? Simple, they were fishing for anything they could use to derail his campaign and stop him from becoming POTUS, post election. IMO obama and company were exhausting every resource possible to stop the coming Trump presidency, following the election and before his inauguration. They had nothing solid, thus the leaks from obama loyalists in the deep state we saw for months afterwards that weren’t knockouts, if they were they would have been used prior to Jan 20th, but low blows to discredit/ delegitimize Trump.