Mark Levin Lays Out Devastating Case Against “Police State Tactics” Used on Trump by Obama (Vid)

If you were in the dark or had doubt about on whats going on this clip, of Mark Levin appearing on Fox & Friends following his warning last week we’re witnessing a soft coup, should change all of that. The “police state tactics” (spying) the obama admin used against Donald Trump is clear, which will leave many former regime members scrambling to save themselves. As The Great One more or less took over Fox News for about 8 minutes take note every piece of evidence he had is publicly available. As a matter of fact his evidence are stories and reports the democrats praised leading to their calls to investigate Trump’s alleged Russian connection to date!

In their arrogance democrats didn’t realize their calls to investigate Trump would in fact implement their messiah with his history of abusing his executive power and his history of weaponizing govt agencies against Americans. STR stands with democrats calls to investigate the Trump-Russian connection so the American people can see to what extent the obama admin violated the law! Let’s find out who knew what, when and gave the orders! Levin made it very clear obama knew what was going, he would have to with 6, S.I.X govt agencies involved, so the statement he released saying otherwise proves, even as private citizen, obama is a pathological liar.

Pres Trump has promised to drain the swamp. He needs to have all obama loyalists fully investigated and IMO terminated from their positions as these people cannot be trusted. The President needs to order an investigation into barack hussein obama for crimes of rebellion and sedition as his motives are very clear now to protect his “legacy” and protect himself. The motive to remove Sessions as AG is abundantly clear as well, the dems fear an AG who would go after obama when all of this hit the fan.

Obama and his loyalists are dangerous. They will do anything to protect him including starting civil unrest…. it’s coming.