FBI Director Warns Terrorists Looking to Use Drones to Attack America (Video)

While the republicans and democrats continue to show how incompetent they are, incapable of passing any legislation for Trump, ready and willing, to sign, and the Left continues it’s anti-American culture, terrorists lie in waiting.

Newly appointed FBI Director Christopher Wray told the Senate Committee on Homeland Security that terrorists are planning to launch “imminent” attacks in the US with drones. They are easy to operate, cheap to acquire and readily available.

[Full hearing here]

Terrorists have perfected the use of drones in the middle east battlefields, which have served as proving grounds for new tactics and weapons for terrorists to use to maximize body counts.

Our leaders better get their acts together. While they bicker and we get sucked into stupid arguments driven by radical Leftist agenda to socially re-engineer America, terrorists are preparing to kill us all!